La paradoja del trabajo. Un mundo de pérdida y ganancia que refiere el estudio del estrés con un grupo de operadoras telefónicas.

Josefina Ramírez Velázquez Desde hace varias décadas en México se ha generado un proceso de transformación constante hacia la modernización. Numerosas instituciones sociales -privadas y estatales- han generado dicho proceso de cambio a través de la implantación de nuevas tecnologías, provocando cambios en los procesos de trabajo y en el orden social. En este sentido, […]

Mobbing in the workplace

Susana Martínez Alcántara This paper discusses the term “moral harassment”, or mobbing, and its overlapping with other related terms, all of which have to do with the concept of harming another person in some way. New results from the past fifteen years on this age-old problem of human interaction are presented. Recent attention to the […]

Participatory Research as Social Practice, and Its Contribution to the Workplace Through Worker Models.

Susana Martínez Alcántara Participatory research, also known as “actionoriented research” has made valuable theoretical and methodological contributions that allow us to explore and transform different social contexts: in health, education, communities, communication processes and the labor sector, among others. Its underpinnings allow thoughtful reflection on different practices by social groups, the generation of new knowledge […]

Burnout, Karoshi, Mobbing: Fenómenos psicosociales del trabajo.

Susana Martínez Alcántara Araceli Hernández Sánchez Burnout, mobbing and karoshi are new psychosocial phenomenas closely related to workplace stress, that is generated by the interaction between work overload and the realtionships established by workers with their colleagues, superiors, and others (clients, patients, students). There is an urgent need to study the problem further due to […]

Job demands and adverse health effects at a pharmaceutical industry in Mexico.

Guadalupe Luna Flores Susana Martínez Alcántara The work processes and main work demands experienced by workers in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry were evaluated, together with their association with physical and mental disorders. An observational and analytical study was conducted in 244 employees of a drug manufacturing company in Mexico City. The PROESSAT program (worker health […]

Interaction of work demands in the genesis of mental suffering.

Mariano Noriega Cristina Laurell Susana Martínez Ignacio Méndez Jorge Villegas Current working conditions and new forms of work organization are affecting workers’ health in numerous way wich can only be explained by more complex theories and methodologies than those used traditionally. The authors analyze some important elements of the work process and the  interaction among […]

Control de trabajo, exigencias laborales y daños a la salud en trabajadores de un diario informativo en la Ciudad de México

Susana Martínez Alcántara Silvia Tamez González Luis Ortíz Hernández Ignacio Méndez Ramírez The results are presented here of a research study carried out at a newspaper establishment in Mexico City to discover the relationship between working conditions and damage to health. The study was transversal, an epidemiological questionnaire being applied to 218 workers. The main […]

Participatory research on workers’ health.

Asa Cristina Laurell Mariano Noriega Susana Martínez Jorge Villegas Autonomous Metropolitan University Xochimilco The concern for workers’ health has increased in Latin America during the last decade both on the part of  research institutions and trade unions. A special emphasis has been given to active participation of workers not just in the transformation of working […]