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Construct validity, reliability, and cutoff point of the Subjective Symptoms of Fatigue Test in Mexican workers

Barrientos Gutiérrez Tonatiuh Martínez Alcantara Susana Méndez Ramirez Ignacio OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the construct validity and the internal reliability of the Subjective Symptoms of Fatigue Test (SSFT), as well as to establish its best cutoff point. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The SSFT was developed in Japan to measure fatigue in a population of workers; the test

Enfoque del Presentismo en Empresas de Salud

Rodrigo Rojas TM especialista en Calidad Lab Biochs Presenteeism is a phenomenon related to occupational health and work productivity that describes the relationship between disease and loss of productivity. Standard ISO 9000 and the system of Health Management and Occupational Safety OSHA 18001 establish, within its requirements, the management of the work environment so that

Condiciones de Trabajo, Fátiga y Bajo Peso al Nacer en Vendedoras Ambulantes

Patricia Hernández-Peña Maria de la Luz Kageyama Irma Coria Bernardo Hernández Sioban Harlow Centro de Investigación en Salud Poblacional (CISP) Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP), México. Objective. This study presents the demographic, socioeconomic profile, working conditions and labor fatigue among fertile age street vendors in Mexico City. Material and methods. 426 female street vendors

Concept analysis: chronic fatigue

Judith Trendall St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University, London, England. This concept analysis attempts to clarify and analyse the concept ‘chronic fatigue’ and does so by utilizing the framework outlined by Walker and Avant (1995). The aim is to use this work to underpin future research into the care of patients suffering

Ergonomics: Three Characteristics patterns of subjective fatigue symptoms.

H. Yoshitake Institute for Science of Labour, Kanagawa, Japan An extensive field survey of subjective symptoms of fatigue revealed three characteristic patterns. One, in which ‘ drowsiness and dullness ‘ predominated, was frequent both among those who reported many symptoms and those who reported few and was not characteristic of any particular type of work.

Job demands and adverse health effects at a pharmaceutical industry in Mexico.

Guadalupe Luna Flores Susana Martínez Alcántara The work processes and main work demands experienced by workers in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry were evaluated, together with their association with physical and mental disorders. An observational and analytical study was conducted in 244 employees of a drug manufacturing company in Mexico City. The PROESSAT program (worker health