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Psicocardiología su importancia en la prevención y la rehabilitación coronarias

Mirta Laham Psychocardiology is  the  area  of Health  Psychology  that  detects  and intervenes on the various psychosocial factors of coronary risk developing the disease and hamper their rehabilitation. It brings together various Dizzy plines, including cardiology and psychology, working together both in primary prevention and the rehabilitation of coronary artery disease. It is now an

Job demands and adverse health effects at a pharmaceutical industry in Mexico.

Guadalupe Luna Flores Susana Martínez Alcántara The work processes and main work demands experienced by workers in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry were evaluated, together with their association with physical and mental disorders. An observational and analytical study was conducted in 244 employees of a drug manufacturing company in Mexico City. The PROESSAT program (worker health